UMT Pro Dongle (UMT+Avengers 2in1)


UMT Pro Dongle (UMT+Avengers 2in1)

UMT + Avenger Dongle 2in1 Supports both Setup Also With Latest Updates

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Product Description

UMT Pro Dongle (UMT+Avengers 2in1)

Innovative and Intelligent

Ultimate Multi Tool – GSM v4.0
– Samsung Exynos (UFS) Device FRP/ReActivation/EE Reset (UART Method)
– Samsung Exynos (UFS) Device Parition Wipe
— You can wipe any partition you need.
— You can use this feature to Reset EFS without Root.

Ultimate Multi Tool – QcFire v1.0
– Updated Loader Selection Method.
– Updated 100+ Unique Loaders for different HWIDs.
– Now Loader Write Err should be fixed for most phones.
– Fixed BackupGPT Read Error on some devices.

Ultimate Multi Tool – LG v0.2
– Added following phones for flashing:
— D380
— D851
— F490L

Ultimate Multi Tool – CDMA v1.8
– It is just a compatibility update.


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